David Pedrette
MD Target Catering Equipment – Gloucester

Richard Thackham - Photographer and nice chap!!!

Public image and first time impressions are important in a competitive business world which is why we turned to professional photographer Richard Thackham to help us improve our product image.

We had tried taking and using our own pictures but they never looked as professional as we wanted so it was amazing when Richard arrived with all his equipment, lights and kit to start taking the same pictures we were trying to take.

What a difference it made and so you would expect when you employ a professional with his guidance our products started to look great and sales have increased as a result.

We now have our own in-house design studio and have even built a photo studio especially for Richard to take product shots so important when trying to portray the right image.

It is also important that the photographer understands what you are trying to achieve and what is important for you to portray, Richard’s wide experience and understanding make this easy and he has many useful tips and suggestions he is willing to share to make sure you get the best pictures that achieve results, make a statement and reflect the image you wish to portray.

Richard offers great value for money and his pictures are quality produced using the latest computer software to enhance images where appropriate removing blemishes and sensitive material if required at your discretion.

With Richard you are in control and you get what you really want, the best pictures for you.

I can recommend Richard as a true professional.

Natalie Horne
Prime Decision, Bristol.

We would thoroughly recommend Richard. Not only do we love our selection of shots – and the black and white treatment – but the whole process was really painless and professional. Richard listened carefully to our requirements before lending his own expertise and ideas. In terms of the shoot itself, his relaxed and approachable manner made a tremendous difference. Having photographs taken is not everyone’s idea of fun, but Richard put the whole team at ease.

Jason Ward
Partner, Twentyfive Creative LLP

“Richard is a top class Photographer with blue-chip brand experience who I've had the pleasure to work with many times. He produces photographic work to the highest standards and I highly recommend his services.”

Harvey Steed

“I've worked with Richard on many occasions from automotive studio photography to corporate location shoots. He's flexible, experienced, creative, good value and very enthusiastic. Highly recommended.”

Joe Tipping
Marcom, Bath

“I have worked with Richard on many occasions and he has always been a joy to work with. I know I will always receive a professional job. I don’t have that many supplier relationships whereby everything is so simple”.